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Filled with Courage

Believe it or not but courage is not something the mind produces on it’s own. From time-to-time we can find courage on our own but those times almost always include dark moments of isolation. Courage is something that must be given and passed on. Think about some of the classic movies filled with speeches to […]

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Finding Encouragement in Youth Ministry

Often in ministry, we’re looking for people to encourage us. We’re looking for people around us who can be there for us, and sometimes we’re looking for a pastor or somebody on the ministry staff to be that person to encourage us, but I want you to look outside of that context. One of the greatest […]

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We Have Got to Get Organized

I’m an organizational freak. I’ve always been an odd ball in youth ministry because most of my friends habits around organization or the lack there of would make me cringe. When someone’s desk is overflowing with paper and receipts I just want to shut the door, lock it, and send him or her away so […]

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What’s on the Menu? Food In Youth Ministry

The super bowl is right around the corner. Parties have been planned, pizza’s ordered, and crates of Mountain Dew have been stockpiled for weeks. Yes, I believe that spending $250 dollars on Mountain dew is a perfectly justifiable ministry expense. Your jr. high adult volunteers might kill you later but at least you’ll have enough […]

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