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Refresh with the Basics

I had a football coach who said, “Every Friday night is just a demonstration of each team’s ability to perfect the fundamentals.” You know what? He was right. It was the team who had the least amount of penalties that had an advantage. It was good blocking, staying low, firing off the line, quick feet […]

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Refresh Your Space

I have this strange belief that the space we occupy can influence and impact what we do. In a strange way, I’m very particular about my coffee mugs because I believe that the mug impacts the taste of the coffee. A well-insulated mug will retain heat longer and thus allowing the flavor of the coffee […]

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“Okay… stand clear… Shocking… Beep. Beep. Beep. Shock delivered. Start compressions.” If you have ever had to use an automated external defibrillator or A.E.D. then you’re probably familiar with the script above. You break out the device. Attach the pads. Connect the pads to the terminal if they aren’t already. Allow the machine to analyze […]

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Forget this! I just want to quit!

It was a Sunday night. The youth were complaining about the games and the fact that the message was too long. Student leaders were spending more time on the sidelines talking than engaging with other students. The adult leaders were disgruntled at the lack of supplies, support, and communication. One said they were “prayerfully” considering […]

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