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Finding Encouragement in Youth Ministry

02.10.2015 posted by AwanaYM

Finding Encouragement In Youth Ministry

Often in ministry, we’re looking for people to encourage us. We’re looking for people around us who can be there for us, and sometimes we’re looking for a pastor or somebody on the ministry staff to be that person to encourage us, but I want you to look outside of that context. One of the greatest people who encouraged me was an elder in our church, who really never came up for ministry, but he was always supportive. And every once in a while, we would just go out to lunch and his kids were in youth group, and he’d tell me stories about what his kids were learning and tell me, “You’re having an impact, “you’re doing a phenomenal job.” He wasn’t a cheerleader, and he wasn’t boisterous, he was actually pretty calm and quiet. But his words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

Find someone who encourages you. Find someone who supports you and speaks life to you. Who brings you back to why you do this, reminds you that what you’re doing is important, because it is. And it may not be the person you’re looking for. It may be someone around you who you’ve missed this whole time because you were looking for one thing, and God was bringing something else. Open your eyes, God wants to send encouragement your way. Maybe it’s in a place you didn’t expect.

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