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Archive: 2015

Ministry Training in the Offseason

Ask any professional team in sports and they’ll tell you that championships are won because of sheer talent but also because of 99.9% of what happens in the offseason. Victory is about training camp, summer workouts, self-driven work, sweat, and pushing yourself when the lights and cameras are off, and nobody’s watching. This theory of […]

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10 Things To Do at Your Closing Program

Closing programs can be chaotic and awesome times. There are a lot of parents present. Students are wrapping up a year. Awards are given. Cookies and watered-down juice or punch will be consumed. It’s the climax of a year. Here are a couple of things to consider as you reach your closing program. Think of […]

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Finish Well

At one point in my life, I had a desire to be a United States Marine. I wanted to be Marine Force Recon. My senior year of high school, I pursued a Navy ROTC scholarship program. Part of the applicant process was an in-person evaluation. For an entire day, I and other applicants would spend […]

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Hear Me Out

When I was a youth pastor, I loved the planning meetings that I had with my staff. The ideas we came up with, the laughter that ensued, and the collective energy that made iffy ideas become amazing experiences was so valuable. Honestly, I think I had more fun planning the event and hanging with my […]

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