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Is There Room At The Inn?

12.24.2014 posted by Chris Marchand

Is There Room at the Inn

It’s crazy! It’s packed. The streets of Bethlehem are bustling. Mary and Joseph make their way through while trying to find a place to rest for the evening. There’s no room at the inn and only a dwelling that shelters animals is available. The question in Joseph’s mind is: Where is there room? I think that is a great question during this particular week as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Is there room?

Is there room in our hearts for Jesus?

Is there room in our minds for His word?

Is there room in our lives and physical spaces for fellowship with the King of Kings?

Is there room in our ministries for the lost and the wandering?

Is there room at our tables for those who have very little in this world?

Is there room in our schedules for God-sized interruptions?

As you enter a week of blessing, celebration, and joy think about how much room is available for Christ to dwell in your life. The Nativity is a beautiful representation of God’s grace toward humanity. He didn’t send an angel to instruct Joseph to wander all night through the streets of Bethlehem in order to find a place suitable for Him.
Christ was laid in a feeding trough.

Your life might be similar to the barn in which Christ was born with all its dirt and smells. However, it’s a beautiful picture as Christ would come to rule and reign in the hearts that look like stables all over the world. He doesn’t mind navigating through the mess. He’s an expert at renovations. All He needs is a little room. Do you have room and space for the King of Kings?

Merry Christmas!

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