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Run Better Meetings

08.07.2014 posted by AwanaYM

Run Better Meetings

Like it or not, being a youth leader often requires holding and/or participating in meetings—meetings with parents, meetings with student leaders, meetings with boards, meetings with pastors, etc.

If you’ve got to do it anyway, you might as well do it right. A post on Church Marketing Sucks called How to Have Productive Church Communication Meetings might help. All 7 suggestions are downright practical, but we think #3 is a huge one, especially if you are the one who called the meeting and/or you are meeting with volunteers:

3. Time Is Ticking
We’ve all been in that meeting that drags on for hours. The one that was only supposed to last 30 minutes. If you are the one who calls the meeting, be sure to set both a start time and an end time. And most importantly, when the allotted time is up, end the meeting promptly. Even if you haven’t accomplished what you hoped for, ending the meeting on time shows that you value your team’s time.

When you set the meeting, don’t feel trapped by staying within typical meeting length times. Can you accomplish the task in 15 minutes? Or do you really need two full hours? Just remember that attention spans are limited, so the longer the meeting, the less productive it tends to be.

In our experience, if you build a rep for running decent meetings, you’re more likely to have people show up and contribute.

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