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Internet Famous is the New Black

06.05.2014 posted by AwanaYM

Internet Famous is the new Black

A helpful article from New York Magazine called Who Did You Think Teenagers were Watching on Their Phones? breaks down exactly how much more popular Internet YouTube stars are than their more traditionally famous counterparts.

The allure of peeking behind the show biz curtain into someone’s “real life” may have started with reality TV, but Internet stars skip the TV part altogether. And your students are probably into it.

The rough edges of the Real Housewives, even, read as prepackaged and fake compared with the intimacy of a girl staring directly into the camera and cataloguing her latest shopping spree in more detail than you might have thought possible. … Many teenagers today (girls and boys) find this a lot more interesting than what’s on television—not least because by watching, clicking, and commenting, they are the ones making performers into stars.

If you haven’t talked to them about it, lately, why not ask your students who they’re watching these days?

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