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Why Teens are Soooo Embarrassed

05.20.2014 posted by AwanaYM

Why Teens Are So Embarrassed

A great little article on Random House’s Hazlitt blog asks “When Do We Hit Peak Embarrassment?

According to a recent brain scan study conducted by Harvard researchers, the answer is 17.2 years old.

You can read the piece to see how they came up with that number, but one connection made by the researchers was that the part of the brain responsible for feeling awkward and embarrassed while being observed may be connected to the part of the brain responsible for making good decisions—and that could lead to some iffy choices.

If the part of your brain making decisions is taking orders from the part of your brain concerned with social evaluation—the part constantly worrying what your friends will think of you, concerned about how it will look to not to take four grams of mushrooms when everyone else is—you’re likely to make some poor decisions.

As the story concludes, this in not new information. We already knew “being a teenager is the worst.”

Being a youth leader, on the other hand—someone with the power to let students know they are loved and accepted by both God and ourselves even when they’re mortified about themselves—is the best.

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