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Helping Students Hit The Pause Button

09.24.2013 posted by AwanaYM


The article Creative Process: Creating Space by Phil Bowdle on the site SundayMag is for creatives more than youth leaders, but it includes some helpful ideas for those of us who provide leadership in the church – and maybe especially for those of us who lead students.

With an hyper-awareness of short attention spans, we can sometimes feel pressured to pack programming, activity and ideas into every moment of our time with students. In an effort not to lose them, we can sometimes fall into the trap of never giving them any time to process what we’re offering them from Scripture.

As Phil says while reflecting on the biblical word/cue “Selah,” “Without hitting pause, we lose the opportunity for ourselves and our audience to respond.”

How can we create moments of space in our Bible studies, worship times or even just hanging-out time that will allow for our students to think about and respond to the invaluable content we’re giving to them and/or the great God who provides it?

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