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New Youth Ministry Leader Advice

02.19.2013 posted by AwanaYM


We asked Awana Youth Ministry leaders on Facebook what advice they would give to a new Trek or Journey leader. Here are a few of the responses. See more responses and post your own to the AwanaYM Facebook Page.

1. Pray for your students.

2. Get to know your students as peopleā€¦that will help you know how to best teach them.

3. Talk less. Listen more.

4. Don’t teach “from the book”. Know the material as well as you can. Knowing the material shows that you know it, live it and care enough to be prepared for your students. Invest in their lives so you can speak into their lives.

5. Play games with them.

6. Don’t be scared of the tough questions. Let your students know you don’t have all the answers but can do your best to find them.

7. Fix your eyes on Jesus.

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