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Student Leaders E-Book

01.16.2013 posted by AwanaYM

Student Leaders E-Book

Learn more about student leaders and how to mentor these teens by downloading our new free e-book, Awana Student Leaders – Who They Are. What They Do. How They Can Energize Your Ministry.

The book not only goes through the responsibilities you have toward the student leaders, but also a list of what is expected from the teen and the results gained from the student leader program.

You will also find a student/parent/leader contract and answers to some of those tough questions such as: What about teens who drop out for sports? How do I handle an immature teen? What about the teen who doesn’t participate in Journey or C-track?

Be sure to take the time to download the e-book or read it online.

And tell your teens “thanks” for serving and let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

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