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Archive: 2013

R-rated Movies and Church Attendance

According to a study conducted a Baylor University researcher: Viewing R-rated movies leads to decreased church attendance and lessens importance of faith among young people, but it does not influence whether they have doubts about their beliefs. Lots of variables in this study, but the researchers do seem to be concluding that the act of […]

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Does Wise Living Equal More Happiness? Discussion Starter

According to a study of teens in the U.K., those who had never had alcohol or smoked cigarettes were five to six times more likely to have higher levels of happiness than those who had smoked and drank. The researchers at the the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University also found a correlation […]

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Occult Faith and Practice

“It’s embarrassing to admit you’re religious,” says Hilary Pollack, a 27-year-old who recently moved to Brooklyn. “But I think a lot of people my age are sick of being nihilistic. Spirituality is a lot cooler.” That amazing quote is included in a longish Newsweek story reporting on the rise in occultism among 20-somethings. Millennials are […]

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In Their Own Words: Teenagers on Love and Sex

Recently, The Guardian ran a series about teens, romance and sex (including an interesting piece on why girls fall so hard for the Twilight series of books). It’s all from a British perspective, of course, but the three first-person stories in this article could easily have been told by teens from any corner of Western […]

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