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Youth Ministry Idea Warehouse

04.16.2012 posted by AwanaYM

Youth Ministry Idea Warehouse

Here are some youth ministry ideas that you can put into action from our Awana YM Ideas Wareshouse.

Service Projects

Some service projects you could encourage your teens to try:

  • Read to a child who is visually impaired
  • Make bag lunches for the homeless
  • Do an art project with children who are physically challenged.
  • Participate in a parade, passing out candy and an invitation to visit your church.
  • Adopt an elderly person in the church who does not have family or whose family lives a long distance away. Send him/her cards, visit and encourage with small gifts.


Is your pastor close to your teens? Why not ask him if the teens could plan a Sunday service? They could choose the songs and, if he is willing, even suggest the Bible text for his sermon.

Calling Game

Before you begin, get a teen’s cell phone number (This person is designated as A.) Choose another teen, designated as B, to stand up front with you. Have the other members of the group stand close together with A in the middle of the group. Call A’s phone. B has one minute to locate A and his ringing phone. (Since most phones go to voicemail after four rings, call again after four rings.)

Laughing Game

Ask the teens to stand in a circle. Choose a teen to start. He turns to the teen next to him and says, “Ha.” The second teen must not laugh as she then turns to the next teen and says, “Ha-ha.” Again, the third teen must not laugh as he then turns to the next teen and says, “Ha-ha-ha.” Obviously the more “ha’s” that are said, the harder it will be not to laugh. If a teen laughs, he is out. The teen saying the “ha” can do so in any tone or way he wants – snarling, whispering, shouting – in an attempt to get the teen he is speaking to to laugh.

Looking for more game ideas? Check out our AwanaYM Games App for your phone!

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