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10 Things To Do at Your Closing Program

Closing programs can be chaotic and awesome times. There are a lot of parents present. Students are wrapping up a year. Awards are given. Cookies and watered-down juice or punch will be consumed. It’s the climax of a year. Here are a couple of things to consider as you reach your closing program. Think of […]

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Finish Well

At one point in my life, I had a desire to be a United States Marine. I wanted to be Marine Force Recon. My senior year of high school, I pursued a Navy ROTC scholarship program. Part of the applicant process was an in-person evaluation. For an entire day, I and other applicants would spend […]

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Hear Me Out

When I was a youth pastor, I loved the planning meetings that I had with my staff. The ideas we came up with, the laughter that ensued, and the collective energy that made iffy ideas become amazing experiences was so valuable. Honestly, I think I had more fun planning the event and hanging with my […]

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Refresh with the Basics

I had a football coach who said, “Every Friday night is just a demonstration of each team’s ability to perfect the fundamentals.” You know what? He was right. It was the team who had the least amount of penalties that had an advantage. It was good blocking, staying low, firing off the line, quick feet […]

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