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What Lego Taught Me about Youth Ministry

I love Lego! I believe that everyone should have a Lego room in their house. I’m even crazier about Star Wars Legos. To me Star Wars Legos are like putting peanut butter and chocolate together, ham and cheese, bologna and ketchup… okay maybe not the last one. I’ve been playing with Legos since I can […]

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6 Common Technologies You Can Use in Youth Ministry

How much tech do you use in your youth ministry? Do you use tech at all? How do you keep it all straight? Who manages it? Do you farm it out? Do your students keep everything up to date? Most of you would probably say Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the key sites that you […]

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No More Adolescent Daycare

When I was a youth pastor, I was strongly against anything that smelled or even hinted at the idea of adolescent daycare. One of my soapboxes in ministry is how the consumer-based model is rotting away the inside of youth groups as we speak. We’ve developed a generation of takers, complainers, and well-rounded sticks in […]

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Working and Partnering with Young Youth Pastors

So you’re a volunteer. You’ve been helping and working in your church’s youth ministry for countless years. You’ve invested time, energy, and money to see God’s work continue to move forward. You’ve been volunteering your time to help lead the ministry, but the work is just too much, and the elders have decided that in […]

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