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Fast Fact: Most Americans Mostly Like Evangelical Christians

Students are sometimes tempted to think that people don’t like Christians very much. Between caustic comedians on YouTube and heated public debates about evolution, abortion and gay marriage, it would be easy to carry a perception that Christians are generally disapproved of in this country. A recent Pew Research survey, though, reveals that Evangelical Christians are […]

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Outwardly Focused

A great article by Thom S. Rainer called Seven Habits of Outwardly Focused Churches could easily apply to youth ministry, as well. Maybe even more so. Rainer defines what he sees as a trend in the church: “Churches are now gathering in holy huddles with little intention of breaking out into a world of lostness […]

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Teens Don’t Need Facebook (or do they?)

According the Fast Company, the data is more and more clear: Teens don’t do Facebook much. (Although these stats say exactly the opposite!) I stood outside Hill Top, waiting by the door to catch teens as they exited, phone in hand. I had just one question for them: “What’s the first app you use?” They […]

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