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Working and Partnering with Young Youth Pastors

So you’re a volunteer. You’ve been helping and working in your church’s youth ministry for countless years. You’ve invested time, energy, and money to see God’s work continue to move forward. You’ve been volunteering your time to help lead the ministry, but the work is just too much, and the elders have decided that in […]

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3 Apps that Help Students with Scripture Memory

I was introduced to scripture memory in the Awana Club program. Before that moment, nobody had ever even hinted to me that memorizing scripture was important or even a practice that I should consider. As a person, scripture memorization became and to some degree still is very difficult for me. I struggled with it in […]

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Farming and Small Groups

The fall ministry season has begun. Most youth leaders are kick starting their small groups again or starting new ones. Schedules are set up. Invites have been sent out. You might have already had some type of small group kickoff rally to get everyone pumped about small groups this fall. Materials have been ordered and […]

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