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3 Small Group Facilitation Helps for Youth Ministry

I remember my very first experience as a small group leader. I had five students. We met in the basement of a very old church. The room we met in had that old church mildew smell. The furniture was from the Carter administration. We had a stack of Bibles, some Bic pens, and a notepad. […]

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When You Look at Me What do You See?

“When you look at me tell me what you see. I don’t have time for games… FATHER, TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE! Please.” One of my favorite movies growing up was Cool Runnings. Feel the rhythm… feel the rhyme… get on up it’s bobsled time…. AHHHH!!!! It never gets old. Or, how about Sanka… ya […]

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Fall Service Projects

Fall is the best of all the seasons (just my personal opinion). The color orange, Pumpkin everything, sweaters, crisp-cool walks in the morning. Raking leaves. Blowing leaves. Bagging leaves. Jumping in leaves. Unclogging gutters filled with leaves. Ah! It’s the best. We’ll maybe not the unclogging part. The month of October is when most student […]

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What Lego Taught Me about Youth Ministry

I love Lego! I believe that everyone should have a Lego room in their house. I’m even crazier about Star Wars Legos. To me Star Wars Legos are like putting peanut butter and chocolate together, ham and cheese, bologna and ketchup… okay maybe not the last one. I’ve been playing with Legos since I can […]

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