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3 Youth Ministry Tips For The Long Break

Christmas is almost here! I cannot wait. In fact, this week is probably the last week your group will meet before the New Year. Over the next couple of weeks you will spend time with friends, family, etc. Maybe you’ll travel for the holidays. These next few weeks “off” might be a welcomed break for […]

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Review the Film: Lessons in Youth Ministry

When I was in high school, I started offensive line on the varsity football team in northern Virginia. Friday’s were devoted to game-day. It was time to strap on the pads and play. However, early Saturday mornings were devoted to watching the game and reviewing film that was broken down play-by-play. It was early… 7:00a.m. […]

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Running with God

In high school I was a sports guy. I played Football (Offensive Line), Wrestled (215LB/HWT), Track & Field (Mid-distance, Shot put and Discus), and Lacrosse (Defense). I went from one season to the next each year for four years and all of them involved running. In football we ran suicide sprints the length of the […]

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3 Small Group Facilitation Helps for Youth Ministry

I remember my very first experience as a small group leader. I had five students. We met in the basement of a very old church. The room we met in had that old church mildew smell. The furniture was from the Carter administration. We had a stack of Bibles, some Bic pens, and a notepad. […]

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