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5 Tips for Reconnecting with Students

School is beginning and Fall is right around the corner. There is this infectious energy in ministry that begins to grow. Families return from vacations. Students are looking to find their groove for the year to come. So much has happened during the past three months, and their lives have altered in a variety of […]

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Run Better Meetings

Like it or not, being a youth leader often requires holding and/or participating in meetings—meetings with parents, meetings with student leaders, meetings with boards, meetings with pastors, etc. If you’ve got to do it anyway, you might as well do it right. A post on Church Marketing Sucks called How to Have Productive Church Communication […]

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Does Texting Make Young People Better Writers?

For years, parents and educators and grumpy old men have been complaining that with all the texting young people are doing these days—with all those weird abbreviations and emojis and missing punctuation—they’ll never learn to spell or use correct grammar. Turns out, not so much. The data indicates that spending hours each day writing words and […]

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