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Teens Don’t Need Facebook (or do they?)

According the Fast Company, the data is more and more clear: Teens don’t do Facebook much. (Although these stats say exactly the opposite!) I stood outside Hill Top, waiting by the door to catch teens as they exited, phone in hand. I had just one question for them: “What’s the first app you use?” They […]

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Finding Meaning in Movies

Spoiler alert! Some of your students probably read and/or saw and/or loved the hugely successful YA novel/feature film The Fault in our Stars. The film pulled in nearly $50 million dollars it’s opening weekend. Fans are more likely to be teenage girls, but that won’t keep some guys or parents (or youth leaders) from hopping […]

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Teaching Tool: Correlation v. Causation Graphs

One of our jobs as youth leaders is to help protect our students against deception coming from inside or outside the church. And what’s the greatest tool for deception? Yes, statistics. It’s Science 101 that correlation does not equal causation, and yet many, many deceivers continue to try to lure us and our students into […]

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